23rd International Mineralogical Association General Meeting

As part of its efforts to make a general meeting that is as broad and inclusive as possible, IMA2022 welcomes scientific proposals within but not limited to the main themes of the conference:

  • Mineral systematics, regrouping, for example, new minerals and classification of minerals, mineral evolution, databases and data mining;
  • Applied, ore, and industrial mineralogy, covering sessions about mineral deposits of economic interest or ore minerals;
  • Mineralogy and petrology, grouping general aspects of mineralogy and its relation to petrological studies;
  • Extraterrestrial mineralogy, covering sessions about minerals on other bodies of the solar system and beyond, planetary exploration, and space missions;
  • Planetary interiors, regrouping sessions about the constituents of planets, and behaviour of minerals at extreme conditions of pressures and temperature ;
  • Environmental mineralogy, biomineralogy;
  • The dynamical world of minerals, covering sessions about mineral reactions, physical and chemical properties of minerals and of rocks, various spectroscopies, and methods of investigation of minerals.

Submission deadline: 31st October 2021

Официальный сайт: https://www.ima2022.fr/

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