EMAS 2022 — 17th European workshop on modern developments and applications in microbeam analysis

Сайт мероприятия: https://www.microbeamanalysis.eu/events/event/60-emas-2021-17th-european-workshop-on-modern-developments-and-applications-in-microbeam-analysis

Даты проведения: 07/05/2022-11/05/2022

Срок подачи тезисов: 15/11/2021

О конференции:

The primary aim of this series of Workshops is to assess the state-of-the-art and reliability of microbeam analysis techniques.

The Workshops are organised in such a way as to maximise transfer of knowledge among the participants and to provide a comprehensive exhibition of the latest analytical equipment. The programme includes time and opportunities for participants to visit the technical exhibitions and interact with the manufacturers.

The main topics of the Seventeenth Workshop (EMAS 2022) are: electron probe microanalysis (EPMA); electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD); software tools; focussed ion beam; Combined techniques in SEM; and materials applications of microbeam analysis. Time will also be devoted to problem orientated applications in material science, geological science, environmental studies, astrophysics, microelectronics, forensics, cultural heritage and archaeology, nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces, catalysts, sensors, …

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